1. Can we meet you?

Hi, My name is Susan Opeyemi and I’m a content strategist and copywriter based in Abuja, Nigeria.

2. How would you describe your relationship with money?

I love money and she loves me right back. Lol! I also see money as a tool that can get me from where I currently am to where I want to be.

3. How did you get to know about HerVest?

I heard about HerVest while discussing money and investments with my brother. I needed to be intentional with my finances at that time and he plugged me into this great platform.

4. How would you say HerVest has helped your finances? Well in so many ways. One is by enabling me to have a place to keep my money while I think about what to use it for. I just put it in HerVest and allow it to breathe until I’m done planning. I personally use HerVest to lock up funds for career development.

5. What is your favourite feature on the HerVest app?
Definitely the lock-saving feature. When I first put some money in a plan, I thought I would be able to break the lock anytime. I was surprised that I could not until my withdrawal date.
You can break your savings plan with other platforms but at a percentage.

With HerVest, you will learn to be patient. And patience and discipline is key when building wealth.

6. Why do you think it’s important for women to be financially independent? Having your own money means being able to provide for your own needs without relying on or waiting for anyone. This is a powerful confidence booster.

Money also gives you the power of choice- the ability to make decisions on your own terms. Sadly, many women are not afforded these opportunities because of a lot of reasons.

I believe HerVest can help women achieve the goal of being better versions of themselves and becoming financially independent.

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An inclusive Fintech for underserved and excluded women in Africa.

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An inclusive Fintech for underserved and excluded women in Africa.