How does your money grow on HerVest?

3 min readSep 17, 2021
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HerVest is an inclusive, digital platform that enables women to manage and grow their money conveniently through goal-based savings and impact investment opportunities.

With HerVest, you can save easily towards your short and long term goals, make seamless fund transfers across different platforms and support other women while earning financial returns all the way.

It’s essential to emphasize that all HerVest funds are held in trust by FBN Quest Trustees Ltd, a company registered and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC). They ensure that your money is invested in safe and secured options as promised.

So how exactly does your money grow on HerVest?

Once you download the HerVest app, you have the option of saving, impact investing and earning monetary bonuses from your referrals.

The first step to saving is by creating a savings plan. You can create multiple savings plans for your different goals and enjoy interest on each plan created.

With the HerVest app, you can save, either manually or automatically. Our saving options are flexible and customised to match your unique needs so that you can save on your own terms be it daily, weekly, monthly or on the go.

Key benefits of saving on HerVest:

Automated savings: In a world full of daily distractions, automating your savings makes it easier to save and helps you stay disciplined with your financial goals. To get started, just set a target amount to be automated either daily, weekly or monthly, and HerVest does the rest in putting your money to work.

Manual top-ups: If you don’t want to use the automated savings feature, you can manually credit your HerVest savings account whenever you want. Periodic calculator: Get a breakdown of how much you need to save daily, weekly or monthly in order to reach a particular savings goal.


HerVest also provides impact investment opportunities that allow you to maximise your money while making a difference in society.

By impact investing with HerVest, you get to fund female farmers in Northern and Southern Nigeria while earning as high as 25% annually on your returns on investment.

Here’s some math to show you how your investment works

Say you fund a female-owned, Irish potato farm for N25,000 at an interest rate of 10% in 5 months, your money will grow at 2% every month. With HerVest, your interest accrues daily and compounds monthly.


How’s your interest paid out

You earn interest on your savings and investments daily, however, accrued interests are only paid out at the end of a savings or investment tenure.

We are super excited to see you smash your financial goals on HerVest. If you have any questions, please reach out to the support team via the app or email us at you can also view our FAQ’s here.




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