How to make referrals on the HerVest app

The “Girl code” function on the HerVest app allows you to invite your friends to sign up for the app while you earn a bonus. These are the steps to refer your friends and also earn a bonus

  1. Make sure you are a user: Before you can refer, you must first download the HerVest app, sign up, and use it regularly.

2. Tap on the Girl code: At the bottom of the initial screen on the HerVest app, there is a button that is labeled “Rewards” under which there is “Girl code”. Tap on the “Girl code button”

3. Refer via the barcode or Referral code: This takes you to the following screen, which includes a bar code as well as a button to share your referral code. Your referral balance is displayed on the same screen, as well as an option to transfer your referral earnings to either your savings plan or your purse.

4. Scan the Barcode: The barcode on this screen allows your friend to scan directly from your phone with their back camera. After scanning, the user is directed to the AppStore or Playstore where the HerVest app can be downloaded.

5. Share Referral code: On the other hand, the “share referral code” option, allows you to send your codes via Sms, Whatsapp, Mail, Telegram, Twitter, and other social networking platforms.

After sharing your codes through whichever medium, your friends can download and sign up using that code you sent to them.

6. Make sure your friends sign up: To be able to receive your referral bonus, your friends who you have referred must download the HerVest app, Sign up on the app, make an initial payment either on savings, purse, or investment and also get them to update their BVN (Bank Verification Number) and voila! You just got some naira richer.



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