Securing Her Bag: She loves to count and talk money and is building a tech career to achieve financial independence.

Meet the 400 level Accounting student, who is taking the tech career path to achieve financial independence

What was your first experience with money?

While growing up, I knew the importance of money because I recall saving so that my mother could buy me stuff. Together with the chance, I had to assist my mother in selling her goods. I was essentially involved in earning money from the sales of her goods and saving the money she gave me.

What did you want to be as a child?

Well, I can’t remember clearly but I could remember that I had my mind on being an accountant or banker.

Did you love money that much?

😅 I don’t really have a particular reason because my memories are a bit vague. I think I just felt it was important to have ambition as a child. However, as I grew older, I realized that I was really good at finance-related subjects and this actually fostered my interest in it.

Nice! Enough about school, let’s talk about your business. What other side is there to Jumoke? What is she doing to “secure the bag”?

I am in my final year studying accounting and also pursuing a career that is distinct from my course.

I am securing my bag by heavily investing in skills that will enable me to succeed in a product management and customer success career. I have been doing that for a year now and I also have a writing business where I help people with CVs and Cover Letters. Additionally, I started a podcast called “SoftLife SZN” to help people move from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.

How does it feel like juggling all of these though? From schooling to developing your career.

When I got to university, I developed an interest in finance and was learning about it. I mean, I know a couple of things in finance, especially the stock exchange market.

There was a time like that I sat down to understand how upward and downward changes in stock prices are calculated as well as the movement in the chart.

But I also like the tech industry and the journey has been beautiful, and I feel good about Product Management and Customer Success.

I just decided that I want to be in the tech industry. Funny enough, while I was still into finance, I would normally say “nothing concerns me with tech” but it just happened that I got interested, and I started learning.

What I enjoy most about the industry is that there isn’t a structured way of doing things. I mean you can start building a product in the most unconventional way and it’ll be what will solve people’s problems.

Have there been any challenges so far?

It has been challenging. Sometimes it’s hard to meet up with work deadlines, and school activities, especially during the period of tests and exams. But I’ve been thriving because I am a natural multitasker. I’m able to juggle tasks with great results.

What’s your relationship with money? Do you think it’s healthy or toxic?

It’s healthy. 😅When it comes to money, I’m usually at peace because I know money likes me. Money knows my name, and wherever I go, money will make its way to me.

Osheyyy, any advice for people who want to start a business or build a career?

Never get tired of starting over again especially when it’s necessary to do so.

Securing Her Bag highlights the entrepreneurial and career journeys of Nigerian female university students. If you’d love to share your story on the Securing Her Bag series, please send an email to or fill out this form



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An inclusive Fintech for underserved and excluded women in Africa. We're bridging the Gender economic gap from the farmlands to the boardrooms.